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A Year In Stardew Valley | Wednesday Spring 3, Year 1

Rainy days can be such downers. Yesterday I felt full of energy and ready for action. But one look outside this morning, and I felt shut down.
There were no crops to water with the rain, but even that seemed like it was robbing me of that therapeutic routine that I enjoy. So I cleared out a bit more brush and took a hike south to the lake I had seen on my last hike in the forest. I had hoped that a bit of calm fishing in the rain would help clear my head. But to my dismay, it seems that the lake in the forest is overrun with trash. In 6 hours, I barely managed to eek out a single smallmouth bass.

The whole ordeal sunk me. I considered visiting the Stardrop Saloon, but the thought of all the people there convinced me otherwise. I just walked around in the forest for a while in the rain. I discovered a strange looking tower to the far west of the forest, and I thought just briefly that I could hear a voice inside, but it was locked up tight.
Honestly, the whole day was so depressing, I didn’t even get my phone out to take a picture. There isn’t even a re-run of The Queen of Sauce on TV. I’m going to sleep. I need to just try this all again tomorrow.