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A Year In Stardew Valley | Tuesday Spring 16, Year 1

I’ve finally cooled off enough to write about today. Oh man was it aggravating. It started off so pleasantly, but then took a nose dive.?

I got a notice, and $500 in a grant from the Stardew Valley Agricultural Fund, which I didn’t even know I was eligible for. I think Mayor Lewis might have filled out an application for me. That guys is so nice, always looking out for everyone in town. It’s a huge help for me to get all that extra cash so I can really dig in and plant some more crops. So I headed over to Pierre’s thinking I’d grab some potato seeds.

But what I found when I walked in was astounding. Morris, the manager at the local Joja Mart, stood there clamoring on, handing out 50% off coupon in the middle of Pierre’s. It was heartbreaking to watch. Bunches of kind people from Pelican down, who could all use the savings, slowly walking to Morris and then leaving Pierre’s. And poor Pierre, he can’t possibly match a price like that, he’d lose money.
I was so livid at the underhanded lengths Joja went through to try and push out Pierre, that I walked right up to the counter, where Pierre had a $2000 backpack (mind you I’d been eying this one for a while too, I really can’t carry around the things I need with my current bag). I took most my money and slammed it on the counter and bought the bag on the spot. I for one am not ready to let Joja push out this small town business owner.
On my way out, I talked with both Jodi, who had been there, and Emily who was just now passing by. Jodi has it rough with her husband away and her two boys to watch. She explained that she love’s shopping at Pierre’s but she can’t afford to not take advantage of the discounts at Joja. Emily on the other hand, lives with her sister Haley. They take care of themselves and Emily knows from her experience at the Stardrop Saloon, that the food they make tastes and sells better when made with fresh produce from Pierre’s.
Really, it wouldn’t have mattered who I talked to about it. It just crushed me seeing a company that I worked for making so many cruel choices in the name of profit. Especially out here in a tiny place like Pelican Town. I wandered off to the lake east of Robin’s place and went fishing for a bit to clear my head. Someone has got to do something to stop Joja.