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A Year In Stardew Valley | Tuesday Spring 2, Year 1

Today was a great day. I wouldn’t say that I knew it when I woke up, as a lot of me still felt sore from my first small day of doing real physical work on the farm. But I definitely felt the good energy from yesterday’s efforts driving me today.
So first thing, I went out and cut down those trees that I had put off yesterday. It went so well I kept going and cleared out a bit more of the rubbish just west of the farmhouse. It feels encouraging to clear out more space. A feeling of progression, like things are getting done and I’m making this farming thing work.

The real exciting new today stemmed from an odd letter that came in the post.  One from some odd fella name Willy. This letter was vague as it gets, saying I should come meet him down at the docks and that he had something to give me. Who writes letters like that? I honestly didn’t know if I was going to wind up with a million bucks in drug money, or find myself at the bottom of the sea. But either way, the trusting small town vibes must be getting to me, because I went to meet him. And was I ever glad I did.

He gave me a fishing pole! Turns out, Willy is an old sea dog, and he’d just come back from some big fishing trip (the smell told that story 100 feet away). I guess he’d had a pretty great haul and bought himself a nice new pole and wanted to pass on the joy of fishing to the newest person in town. Regardless, it Made. My. Day. I fished there at the docks for about 4 hours and caught 6 fish!
On the way home I met a couple new people. This guy Alex seems real tough and possibly a little too cool for my tastes. I also met Jodi. She seemed really preoccupied and a little rushed to get somewhere. They seem like nice people, but really, (and this may be a little terrible) I’m just a little more excited I met my new fishing pole. I’m so stoked, I might not even sleep. Except I will, because farming and fishing are still very tiring.