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A Year In Stardew Valley | Thursday Spring 18, Year 1

I think Jarvis might be in love with the beach. I decided there simply wasn’t a good reason for not taking him down to see it. Furthermore, with the bridge fixed and access to the east area open, my excuses for not showing him the beach have vanished.

While we were down there I stumbled across some cool shells and coral. So I grabbed a few of them, since they’re on the Juminos list of supplies. Jarvis and I had so much fun, I eventually emailed Penny to see if she wanted to come by, but It was bad timing as she was trying to get some things in order for her mom’s birthday. I guess I’ll have to bring Jarvis down again soon with her.
From there, Jarvis and I took a hike around the river in the Cindersap and then headed home. He rushed excited to the house just as soon as we could see it. I think it was good to take him out today, but it’s clear that Jarvis feels particularly happy at the farm. After getting him settled back in at the farmhouse, I decided to venture on in to town and see what was going on at the Stardrop Saloon.

I don’t know what exactly Penny had planned for Pam’s birthday, but Pam stood at the bar in her usual spot when I got there. I thought it might be nice to get her a drink for her birthday, but not knowing what all Penny had planned, I didn’t want to get Pam a nice beer if that’s what Penny was doing. So instead I ordered some of Gus’ signature zucchini fritters and shared them with her. Leah came in and said Happy Birthday to Pam, so I asked her to grab a picture of us. It was fun doing something small but nice for Pam. But for now, off to bed. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow.