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A Year In Stardew Valley | Thursday Spring 11, Year 1

After the whirlwind of yesterday, it occurred to me that I neglected the farm a bit. Jarvis and I collected a huge harvest today. We gathered tulips, kale and another round of parsnips. Some of those odd seeds I’d found around the farm even grew into potatoes! But after all that, my lack of foresight in looking after the farm became evident, as I quickly learned I only had a few jazz seeds on hand that I picked up at Pierre’s previously.
So I headed in to town to pick up some seeds for planting. Pierre seemed happy to see me. It’s a new take on shopping for me. I’m not used to seeing the same person working every time I come in. It really makes shopping here feel special. On my way out, I met a gal who introduced herself as Maru. She spoke pleasantly, but couldn’t stay and chat as she was on her way in to work.Although, she did mention that her mom is Robin and that she was pretty stressed out over losing her axe.

It must have been fate that I met Maru. Later in the afternoon, Jodi’s son, Vincent and Marnie’s daughter Jas asked me to visit the south forest with them. They wanted me to see some strange “sewer creature” they had spotted through the sewage runoff grate. I’m not completely sure what I saw in through the grate, but it was enough to give me a sinking feeling. And also pique my interest enough to warrant coming back later with the grate key.
But I digress. While we were down there, I found Robin’s axe! It looks like she could have dropped it behind a couple bushes while cutting lumber and forgot to pick it up. I couldn’t think of a good reason not to take it by, so I ran by the house to returned it. Robin nearly shouted with excitement. I guess her backup axe just doesn’t do the other justice.

Finding Robin’s axe got me thinking about the wood I would need for the community center. So I took a bit of time and cleared up the smallish island just south of the farmhouse. All said and done, it resulted in less lumber than I had hoped. I have more trees around the farm, but it would be naive to just mindlessly cut them all down. For now, I replanted a small grove in a nice spot so I can keep them. Before long, I’m going to need to plant more for additional lumber.