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A Year In Stardew Valley | Thursday Spring 4, Year 1

Sometimes all you need is a good night’s rest. I woke up this morning feeling much more peaceful, even balanced. The passing of yesterday’s rain, like a cycle, brought a realization that I need to prepare for the next stage for the farm. So I headed in to Pierre’s to pick up some more seeds for the next round of crops.
Pierre strikes me as a calm and confident person, but today I met someone even more at peace with the world; his wife Caroline. She gave me a brief tour of their home, just past the storefront. They have a shrine to Yoba that they keep for members of the public to visit.

I don’t really know how I feel about visiting the shrine this Sunday. Normally I would. In facts, 4 days ago was the first Sunday I haven’t made it to pray to Yoba in probably 6 years. I grew up in Yoba believing family, and faith has been a large part of my life. But now it all feels so jaded. I’m still not talking to dad and part of me feels like going to the shrine is a bit like ignoring what happened. I guess I still have a lot to sort with those feelings. And really, that’s part of why I left the city to come out here to Stardew Valley.
After picking up some kale seeds and tulip bulbs, I headed out to see Robin. I know I can’t possibly afford to do any improvements on great grandpa’s farmhouse just yet, but I thought I’d say hi and see what I might be looking at down the line. Then I went home and did some fishing. I had seen on the community board that Willy was looking to pay someone for catching him a smallmouth bass, and I knew I’d seen a few jumping in the lake by the farmhouse. Luckily enough I snagged a couple, so I set one aside. Hopefully WIlly is still looking to buy one tomorrow.