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A Year In Stardew Valley | Sunday Spring 7, Year 1

Religion is a funny thing. After spending so much of your life being a part of it, sometimes even when you mean to break away, Sunday morning still finds you at the church. I promise that I meant to keep myself too occupied to even bother, but my plans left a perfect time gap, and I still ended up walking in to give thanks at the shrine of Yoba. 
I spent the first part of the morning planting another crop of parsnips and clearing out brush. Then after stopping off at the shrine, I continued on my charted course to visit Clint at his blacksmith shop. When he stopped in yesterday, he told me that I could bring in the funny little geodes that I’d been finding around the farm. Turns out, those little nuggets have some pretty cool stuff inside if you go to the trouble of breaking them open. A couple contained some real pretty gems, so Clint pointed me towards the archaeology office next door. He said that a guy there named Gunther teach me about them.

I haven’t met many people as book smart as Gunther. I showed him a few different rocks and gems, and he excitedly filled me in on all kinds of details about them. Unfortunately for Gunther, the archaeology office doesn’t own any pieces itself. But after talking for some time, we decided that I would bring by interesting gems and artifacts to donate in exchange for Gunther’s knowledge of them.
I left eagerly, hoping I might find something new to donate to help the archaeology office out. So I headed off to the southern forest. On my way I met a gal named Penny. She seems really sweet, but even more shy than me. She commented that we were having “interesting” weather. And while I agree that weather can be interesting, a light spring rain is hardly interesting in the weather department.

I continued on down to the forested area, and even though I didn’t find any new gems or artifacts for Gunther, I did run across another patch of wild onions. They aren’t worth a lot, but these little treats sure taste good. Speaking of which, I just finished watching Queen of Sauce. Man do I love that show. One of these days I’m going to actually get a decent kitchen and start cooking some of these recipes I’ve learned from it.