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A Year In Stardew Valley | Saturday Spring 13, Year 1

Eggs strike me as an odd thing to organize a festival around. I guess eggs are sort of symbolic of new life and fertility. Both of which are synonymous with spring. Maybe it’s just a thing I’m not accustomed to yet. At any rate, today was the annual egg festival in Pelican Town. Given that nearly the entirety of Stardew Valley was present, I felt it necessary to honor the egg festival and come out of my shell a little.

I thought I’d dip my feet in the water by talking to a fellow shy person, so I went to chat with Penny. She was quiet as usual, but if I had to guess, I’d venture that she decided to try and be more outgoing today as well. She told me about a couple books she had read recently and I told her a bit about my move to the farm. We swapped emails, which ended up being a huge plus. I guess when I wasn’t watching, she took some great pictures for me.

Later on I met Elliott, a friend of Leah’s. He’s an author, which is pretty cool. At first I worried that he might see my blog, but apparently he lives in the hut on the beach without internet. I guess he prefers isolation for his writing. Abigail introduced me to Sam and Sebastian. The two of them are a part of a small band here in Pelican Town. I asked why they weren’t playing today at the egg festival, which was a mistake. It seems it’s a sore subject between the two of them.
The crowning event of the egg festival, as I’ve learned, is the egg hunt. You’d think this was something for just the kids. But no, Sam, Abagail and even Maru were all keen to find as many eggs as possible. I didn’t want to participate, but everyone in town seemed to think that the newest guy in town should participate, even if he’s 24. Turns out, I’m pretty awful at finding eggs hidden around town. Abagail won the hunt, which is not a huge surprise to me.

The real treat, aside from the nice people, was the little stand Pierre had set up. He was selling strawberry seeds! Strawberries are easily my favorite fruit. So much so that I bought a bunch of the seeds and planted them about 10 minutes ago, in the wee hours of the night. I’m really excited for them to grow.