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A Year In Stardew Valley | Saturday Spring 6, Year 1

Now that I finished my first harvest, I wanted to take things up a notch. I started in by planting the beans I picked up the other day. Then I pivoted to clearing out most of the remaining rubble between the farmhouse and some old run-down building I discovered, just to the west. Initially I was thinking I could expand the area I’ve been farming in that direction, but there are a few bushes I couldn’t get rid of that might cramp that space up a little. I might have to look more towards some of the islands south of the farmhouse.

Continuing the theme of weird guys that just show up, I present this morning, in which a guy named Clint was just waiting outside my front door for me. I’ll be fair to Clint though. I’m 90% certain that he’s not creepy at all, he’s just not socially cognizant. I feel a touch bad for him, because he looked nervous and out-of-sorts just talking to me. Anyway, he came by to give me some spare blueprints he had for making a furnace so that I can actually do something with the ores I found yesterday.
Though, he did also bring to my mind the realization that I hadn’t met a lot of the people in Stardew Valley. Consciously, I think I’ve just been working around the farm with so many different things that I haven’t had time to get to know the town’s folk. Subconsciously, I’m pretty sure I’m just a bit terrified of meeting new people.
But regardless, I mustered my courage, and headed into town. I walked through the town center where I saw an older lady. Evelyn was her name. She’s a sweet little lady that wants everyone in town to refer to her as Granny. It was nice to talk to someone as unassuming and nonthreatening as her. It gave me a bit of a spur to keep meeting people. From there, I met a bright gal named Emily who works at the Stardrop Saloon. She invited me to come by later while she was working which sounded like a great place to meet people, and also extremely frightening. In the meantime I walked down to the beach, where I met a stunning gentleman who introduced himself as Elliot. I guess he lives in a shack on the beach. He didn’t strike me as a tough kind of guy, but he sure seems confident.

I ended up going to the Stardrop Saloon, just because I wasn’t feeling insecure enough already. I met the owner of the saloon Gus. He seems nice, but he was also a bit busy running the saloon. I met a woman who half introduced herself as Pam, and then immediately went back to chugging beer and ignoring me. I partially didn’t mind, and partially felt bummed, since I felt like I was trying to be friendly. But whatever, she doesn’t owe me anything. But I guess it kind of felt like it was a rough ending to my adventures in trying to meet people.