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A Year In Stardew Valley | Monday Spring 8, Year 1

It’s really surprising just how much I already feel like I’m becoming a part of Stardew Valley. Today as I was walking into town, Mayor Lewis pulled me aside and showed me the old, run-down community center.

It really looks like it was a lovely building in it’s prime. But at this point, it’s a little worse for wear. Mayor Lewis told me a bit about what it used to be like, and how it’s become so run down that he even considered selling it to Joja to use as a warehouse. I tried to keep it together while I passed along my thoughts regarding Joja. I’m not sure what kind of ambition came over me, or if I simply couldn’t stand the thought of some mega-corp like Joja pushing around even more small town folk, but I told him that I’d restore the community center. Which is honestly concerning.
I don’t know where I’m going to get the resources for that kind of a project. And if I did, I don’t know the first thing about restoring abandoned buildings. Furthermore, this old community center might be a touch haunted. I know it sounds absurd, but there were these little tiny creature that looked like oversized gumdrops that kept appearing and disappearing. Apparently I’m the only person that could see the little buggers, but I swear they’re real. I think Mayor Lewis is probably at home pondering my sanity right now.

I half question it myself sometimes. But times like that are when I do like I did today. I took a nice stroll through the forest, along the lake. The scenery is so peaceful and calming, it really helps me clear the worries in my head. I may have just signed up for a bigger project than I’ve ever taken on before, but who knows, this could be one of the most rewarding adventures I undertake. Tomorrow is for planning, but tonight is for resting.