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A Year In Stardew Valley | Monday Spring 15, Year 1

Monday never strikes me as anyone’s favorite day. It’s like a harsh reminder that the weekend is over and that we must get back to our weekly routine. Perhaps that feeling, for me, comes from so many years of working that 8 to 5 at Joja. Crunching the hours, working away the week, just to have those precious days of weekend.
Of course, here at the farm, things feel significantly different. Every day is a work day to some extent. If I don’t keep the crops watered, they won’t grow. But at the same time, I have a bit more flexibility in my day. I ran into Marnie again at Pierre’s today, and we talked about the freedom and flexibility we have with our work. She raises animals, and she ends up, like me, having a fair bit of time free in the afternoons and evenings. At some point, I’m going to need to get together enough materials for Robin to build me a barn so that Marnie can teach me about raising chickens. She knows so much about raising animals.

Aside from the usual work around the farm, and picking up Kale seeds at Pierre’s, I didn’t do a lot today. I went fishing a bit in the Cindersap, but I think I need a different kind of fishing pole or bait to catch the kind og fish I was hoping for. I ended up pivoting my fishing time into a bit of night fishing back at the farm.
Oh, which reminds me about Jarvis, my adorable pup. He’s brilliant. I taught him how to hold his paw on the camera button and he can now snap pics of me on request. Not that they’ll always turn out. Here’s one he caught of me casting for the night fish. Anyway, now that I’ve had an easy day, perhaps tomorrow I’ll get back to work on the community center.