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A Year In Stardew Valley | Friday Spring 5, Year 1

Today, the rain couldn’t keep me down. After all, today was my first harvest! I successfully grew 26 parsnips! I only caught a glimpse, but it looked like a crow made off with the 27th… but whatever. The harvest felt like a huge accomplishment. A mix of success with that sense of “I can do this”. I rode that confidence right into planting my next crop of the kale and tulips that I picked up yesterday.
Not that I stopped there. I carried on straight to Pierre’s and bought a load of bean starts and parsnip seeds. Then I tracked down Willy and sold his that smallmouth bass he had wanted. I’m telling you, today belonged to me. I just kept finishing things left and right.
Later, when I got home, I noticed a letter had arrived. It scared me a touch at first, because it came from Joja. Nothing is quite as nerve-racking as thinking you have a letter from your ex (or in my case, ex-employer). Turns out it was actually regarding a landslide that happened when Joja put in a market here in Pelican Town. Caroline showed me the letter they sent Pierre offering him a devaluing underpaid job at their market, since they were “obviously” going to push out his little shop. The whole thing made me feel a little sick.

So I ventured to go see where this landslide that they cleared out took place. Joja must have cleared it out pretty thoroughly, because I couldn’t find a trace of it. But I did see a cave with an ominous little lantern hanging from it. I know this will sound like a bad choice, especially since it was already 7:30pm, but I decided to venture on in anyway. I’m still not sure it was a good choice.

I couldn’t tell you why, but Stardew Valley has more than it’s fair share of strange old men. Marlon is the name that this one offered. He was talking about the dangers and riches to be discovered in the mine. I don’t know, and I don’t really remember everything he said, but he obviously convinced me somehow, because next thing I knew, he gave me an old sword and I was 5 floors deep in the mine. I did find a bunch of intriguing things. On the down-side, I am just now back home and writing this at almost 1 in the morning. Seriously, I have no idea how Marlon talked me into exploring the mines, but I’m probably going to be sorry I was out so late tomorrow.