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How I got tons of Instagram followers

We've all been there; you sometimes just bump into certain accounts on Instagram which seem to get tons of followers in a short period of time. When this happened to me, I decided I wanted to create my own little experiment, just to see how quickly I could gain followers. I went from about 800 to close to 10k followers in under a month, using a few easy tactics. And no, buying followers wasn't one.

Cleaning up

I started off by deleting photos off my Instagram. Why, you ask? Because by doing so, I made it easier for whoever checked my Instagram to see what I'm all about. Photos that didn't seem to fit my 'repertoire' were deleted. I basically cleaned up my act - deleting photos I uploaded when I first opened an account there. I went for a more 'clean' look.

Adjusting my bio

Another easy yet major change was editing my bio. I wanted it to represent who I was. I opened up my notepad and typed away. A short but sweet bio is what I built for myself, the use of emoji's made it a little more playful than most.


To make it seem like I had a lot of followers, I unfollowed everyone. Yes, that's right, everyone. Before I knew it, I was following 0 profiles and followed by a handful, an easy trick to make myself look more popular.


I haven't written about Instagress or similar apps yet, but this one is a rather powerful tool if your're looking to boost your Instagram. You can set hashtags for automatic liking and what type of account you want to follow. I guess my photos received numerous likes simply by setting up Instagress. Instagress also has an additional follow and unfollow tool which allows you to automate that process. Many people dislike such features, but sadly enough it works. People thank you when you comment on the photos you've actually never even laid eyes on.

Posting photos

When everything's set up, it's time to post a few photos. Actually, you'll need to take care of volume. In an ideal case you post 2 times a day and plan everything in. There are also a lot of free tools available to schedule your posts and manage them outside of Instagram. Google is your best friend when it comes to finding a tool that works for you.

Choose hashtags

Hashtags are really useful as long as you use them correctly. Do not use hashtags loosely. Match them with what you've pictured, still, you should use as many as you can.

Get likes on your photos

This may seem a little strange but there are apps which you can use to give likes in exchange for coins. You can then exchange those coins for likes or followers. So if you have enough coins, you can get a ton of likes on your photos. What happens is that you end up in the "Top Posts" section at the top of a hashtag or a location. People searching on the hashtag will then see your picture and give you extra likes. Also, the apps I found are entirely free to use.

Buying followers

Of course, you can also just buy followers.. there are plenty of sites that offer followers. However, Instagram occasional checks for ghost followers (fake followers) to remove them afterwards. You might end up paying for followers that will disappear soon. I think you can already guess that I wouldn't recommend doing so.

You can also simply ignore the numbers. Many or few followers? Many comments? Collaborations? Enjoy Instagram, keep posting pictures and just enjoy yourself. The methods above will work for you if you're looking to boost your Instagram, but don't freak out about e
the numbers!