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So Trump Got Elected

This is such an interesting phenomenon. People all over the world are saying Trump won because a majority of Americans are still racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. etc. But I think, on the contrary, it’s because Americans are tired of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. etc. even when they aren’t. Liberals played themselves. They thought they would make a difference, they thought they would make America a better place for themselves, but they did exactly the opposite. When you accuse a white person of being racist simply because they’re white, the white person wants to rebel. When you accuse a man of being sexist simply because he’s a man, the man wants to rebel. When you accuse a straight person of being homophobic simply because they’re straight, the straight person wants to rebel.
I think feminism and modern liberalism had huge parts to play in this. Third-wave feminism and regressive leftism are literally so toxic that it made people want to vote for a figure that represents the complete opposite of those things. 
This is a cry of desperation. Americans are tired of being insulted, hated and feared because they’re a part of some majority group. They have had enough. 
We are experiencing history. This will go down in the books as the time Americans were so disenfranchised with the left and disillusioned with the government that they voted for the “Deplorable.” 
But now that Trump is president, minorities are still finding ways to victimize themselves. They are paranoid, claiming that they could be shot in the streets and deported out of the country just for being minorities. This is fear-mongering at its finest, and that creates an even bigger sense of hatred towards majorities. While leftists and feminists fear “PoC” are going to get murdered, I fear white Americans are going to get killed more often in the next few months following this election. They are going to get blamed as a whole for electing Trump, even if they had nothing to do with it. And of course, I also fear the President-elect is going to be assassinated since he is universally hated.
I’m seeing a good majority of the people I watch and others around the internet saying “Unfollow if you voted Trump” or “We can’t be friends because of X reason”. This is beyond the incorrect direction we should take; all that achieves is create even more walls and dissidence between people and that doesn’t help anyone.
I understand everyone’s anger; on BOTH sides of the political landscape; you have every right to be angry at the establishment and at the outcome. This is the result that no one was expecting and it’s very likely going to shape everyone’s future; for better or for worse.
So right now the best thing we can do is come together, see our differences for what they are and understand why they are there, work together, not assume the worst, and not laugh ourselves into the abyss if that ever comes. We don’t know what the future will hold but you can be damn sure we can at least try to shape it.