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9 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

You often hear people say that their partner is their soulmate, but you know that your soulmate does not necessarily have to be someone with whom you have a romantic relationship? It might as well be your best friend!

1. You can spend hours lazily chilling together on the couch and have the time of your life.
You feel like you feel completely at ease. You can just wear your ugly pajamas and strike the most unattractive posture on the couch. Your best friend won't judge you.

2. Still, she's your favorite person to go out with
When you drank too much she will hold you when you vomit, no matter how many times it happens.

3. She is always super honest (even if you do not want to hear it)
When the selfie that you want to post on Instagram is really ugly she knows how to be honest. She'll never let you post anything embarrassing. Even if it means she will have to point out that big pimple on your chin.

4. She does not contest with you when it comes to men
She will never go after the same man. She knows when to give you space to make a move without you having to say you like someone.

5. She will never judge the mistakes you've made in the past
Whether it's the time you gossiped about someone while the person was standing right behind you, if you threw up on the bus when you went home while you were super drunk, your bestie will not make you feel bad about your past. On the contrary, she will just stick up for you in such terrible situations!

6. If you are mad at each other, you guys will simply be honest about your feelings
When one of you here is not so happy with the other person, there is an open and honest way to talk about it. Your communication is on point!

7. You call and text together throughout the day
Not a day goes by that you do not talk to each other. In fact, not an hour goes by without you guys talking to each other. Absolutely everything you experience is shared with your best friend. Also, it's nothing to be ashamed of, you guys can talk about anything.

8. You can tell her about the person you are dating
She is the first you call when you find out that you get feelings for this guy in prison with whom you have been exchanging letters for a while. She also knows of all the adventures that old married man with whom you dated put you through. Others would have said you were
insane in these situations, but your best friend supports you no matter what. She will not always agree with the choices you make, but she will never make you feel bad about it.

9. People will find you two super annoying when you are together
You always fun when you are together and forget the world around you. It is possible that you are a bit too loud and that your energy level is way too high. You also have the habit of using all kinds of accents (even during your "normal" calls) and others may not understand your humor.

Is your best friend your soul mate?