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5 Things That Make A Day At The Zoo Even More Fun!

We all visit the zoo sometimes. Whether we are young or old, it never gets boring!

Yet there are always moments when it just seems a little less interesting. You may find yourself thinking the animals are not nice enough or the speed at which you walk is a bit too slow. With these tips you can survive the bad moments!

1. Use your imagination
Are the animals boring and just totally not interesting? Pretend you are one of the animals. What if that fat rhinos snuggle lazing in the mud, see if you can determine what that animal is thinking? If it had a voice, what would it say? Let your imagination do it's thing!

2. Take the craziest photos
In many zoos, there is a distance between the animals and the visitors. That's a shame because usually you can not put the animals and yourself in one picture. Go wild and try to imitate the animals, be creative!

3. Souvenir shopping
Zoo souvenir shops are always fun to walk through. Often you can get through it quite quickly, but why would you? A super cute and unique pen can brighten up your school days. Also, fun keychains and mugs good items to give on someone's birthday. You can't buy those items anywhere else, anyway!

4. Make your own video
Create a super cool aftermovie! Do you remember those TV shows where they take you behind the scenes at a zoo? Today it is your turn and you will make your own episode! Film anything you like, but don't forget to let others film you too. It's super fun to watch and it's an easy thing to do.

5. A secret stash
If you plan on going to the zoo all day, bringing a small supply of food certainly not a bad idea. It's always nice to have a snack when you're feeling a little tired or to enjoy a sip of soda. You're allowed to have it this once! Just grab a snack.

How often do you go to the zoo?