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30 Reasons To Keep A Positive Attitude

We may all know that positive thinking has real physiological benefits. Scientists have long studied those with a positive attitude to better understand the tools for achieving happiness. When your brain is thinking negatively it not only limits your ability to think clearly, it prevents you from finding solutions, seeing possibilities and actually makes you think a lot less of yourself, which will lead to sadness or even depression. Focusing on the negative can blind you from the more positive reality that does exist.

Here are thirty reasons for you to keep a positive attitude.

1. Thoughts become things! The law of attraction is real. Well, sort of.

2. When you bring yourself up, you will also bring everyone else around you up. Your energy is contagious, baby!

3. Positivity attracts positivity so you tend to find more people on your wavelength.

4. Smiling takes 26 muscles, frowning takes 62. Don’t waste your energy on negativity!

5. You’re more productive when you're feeling positive.

6. You find solutions quicker.

7. Your best ideas will seem more attainable.

8. Because ain’t nobody else trying to put you up, you got to put yourself up.

9. You’re always motivated without a cloud of negativity making you sluggish or lazy.

10. When you’re sad or upset people will take your emotions seriously.

11. You’ll be generally more inspired without your judgment clouded by negativity.

12. It’s more difficult for others to put you down when you feel good.

13. Little things can’t ruin your day.

14. Your optimism will re-frame your outlook on yourself making you feel more beautiful and confident.

15. You are more likely to cease an opportunity simply because you know you can.

16. Huge obstacles don’t feel so big anymore.

17. You can focus on what counts and not on that annoying little negative voice in your head.

18. Believing in your abilities gives you the confidence to speak up when it counts.

19. Knowing that you can achieve what you put your mind to is basically life changing.

20. You give way better first impressions.

21. Your upbeat attitude will increase your romantic prospects.

22. Clarity allows you to see there are more possibilities than what is obvious.

23. When your mind is open to new things you have better experiences, more opportunities to learn and grow.

24. Basically, you’re just better to be around than the friend who is going to shut down all of your likes and interests.

25. You’re less of afraid of the unknown or the unexpected.

26. Your fearlessness makes you more receptive of people who are different from you.

27. Happiness is linked to lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

28. You’ll take a lot of things less personally.

29. Positivity enables your immune system to deal with illness better.

30. When bad things do happen you’re better equipped to handle them.