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6 Ways To Respond To ''I Love You'' Without Saying It Back

Boys are inclined too say that they love you much quicker, than us girls do. Therefore, you may have found yourself in the situation where he says these magic words to you and you just don't know how to respond..

I am so happy with you

Even though you're still not ready to say it back, you let him know how happy you are with him. He will - even though he may feel a little rejected - still feel desirable and that is important.

How much?

As long as you say that in a teasing way, he will not realize that you are trying to escape saying it back. Of course, the chance exists that he then asks you how much you love him ...

You're so sweet!

Say these words and then give him a kiss as you're not supposed to treat him like a cute kitty or a puppy while saying this.

Since when?

This is a bit of a crazy reaction, but actually perfectly normal. It makes sense that you wonder about this since he suddenly tells you that he loves you. You can also ask this as a joke, but be prepared for him asking you if you love him too.

Do I?

Very risky, because it can happen to seem super arrogant. If your boy is a prankster, he may laugh. Or if he is a fan of Star Wars, because then he will understand that there's a link!

It'll take a while before I can say I love you back

Honest and clear. It is certainly not surprising that two people won't see that they love each other at the same time. Therefore, it's best to just admit that you're not sure you feel that you love him just yet. He will - as an adult - just need to understand and respect that.

How do you react when a boy says 'I love you' to you?