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7 Snack Moments We All Recognize


It's just got too long since you had breakfast, so you feel like having something. Unfortunately, it's not time for lunch yet, so you must ensure that you have a healthy snack. You don't want to eat cake at 10 AM right? Or maybe you do. But it's not a wise thing to do, right?

After a heated discussion

After being in a verbal fight with someone the only thing you need is a snack that will give you some energy. You'll find yourself craving foods that contain a lot of sugar which will give your energy level a huge boost.

During your period

When you're on your period, you can't seem to think of anything but snacks! Especially chocolate. Or brownies, or a nice slice of cake. Or... anything you can get your hands on!

During a moment of jealousy

Do you recognize that feeling when someone around you is having something and you feel like you want to have something too, and how difficult is it to put that one snack out of your mind? Everything you try to have instead of what they're having doesn't seem to satisfy your craving which is very annoying indeed!


You had lunch a few hours ago and it isn't time for supper yet. There's a big chance that you'll go wrong before supper arrives, because it's hard to control your cravings at this hour. You might have been doing well all day but when 4 PM comes around, it seems to get a little harder to control yourself.

After having a meal

After having dinner, you may find yourself feeling hungry again a few hours later. Where that hunger comes from remains a mystery to you, but it is what it is! It'll make you worry about having a snack again, whether you like it or not.

In the middle of the night

You probably recognize this snack moment. You get up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and you can't seem to get back to sleep until you do eat something. Are there some leftovers in the fridge?

What snack moments are familiar to you?