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6 Reasons Why 8 AM Is The Right Time For A First Date

A first date is always exciting, but to create a little less tension, I have an important tip to share; the next time you date someone for the first time, you'd better do it at 8 AM and here's why!

You are less nervous

A first date can be very nerve-wrecking, but if you go on your date right after waking up, you do not have the chance to stand in front of the mirror all day perfecting your looks and going crazy!

You feel fresh and fruity

Your day has just begun and you only just came out of the shower. Unless you have a hangover from the night before, this will be a plus!

A good date means a good day

If you've had a very nice date in the morning, the rest of your day simply can't wrong. Especially if you also enjoyed a delicious breakfast together.

When it goes bad, the rest of your day can only get better

Conversely, if your date is really really bad, you know the rest of the day can not get any worse. If this had happened at the end of the day, you would probably have gone to bed feeling a little down.

You won't embarrass yourself because you are drunk

Eight o'clock in the morning is just not the time for a glass of wine. Therefore, you won't find yourself having an alcoholic beverage just to calm the nerves, which lessens the chances of you embarrassing yourself while drunk.

Your expectations are lowered

On a date you yourself sometimes wonder if any action will take place afterwards. At a breakfast date it's impossible anyway, because you probably both have plans afterwards. Well, you can - if it goes well - agree to see each other again later.

Tip: set your alarm so you do not oversleep and make sure to brush your teeth before going out!

Have you ever had a first date in the morning?