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23 Things You Find Scary If You Are Insecure

If you're feeling a little insecure, it might be hard for you to interact with people, or even surround yourself with people at all. I've listed a few moments during which you'll feel your insecurity level skyrocket.

1. Asking a sales assistant for help.

2. The waitress asks you what you want to eat and/or drink.

3. When you MUST talk to someone.

4. Actually calling someone instead of messaging them.

5. Introducing yourself to people.

6. Downloading the latest update for your laptop or phone.

7. When you walk through your town and people decide to greet you.

8. Accidentally making eye contact with people, making you feel very uncomfortable.

9. When someone gets your order wrong.

10. When the teacher says you must find a partner to work with.

11. When someone asks if he / she can talk to you for a second.

12. When you have to respond to multiple people at once in a group chat.

13. Standing in line with your mother, but then she suddenly leaves you alone because she still has to go get something.

14. When arriving somewhere before everyone else does.

15. Opening up your inbox to find hundreds of unread emails

16. Writing an e-mail to your boss.

17. Getting through a 'push and pull' door.

18. Getting left alone with small children.

19. Standing next to a stranger in the elevator.

20. Having to figure out what music you and your friend will listen to during your car ride.

21. Getting through the check-out.

22. Friends who come up with a plan to hang out at the very last moment.

23. Picking something up at a business for someone else.

What situations make you feel anxious because you are insecure?