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21 Expectations On Your Birthday

You're only celebrating your birthday once a year, so this day must be perfect! Therefore, you're busy planning your birthday a few days before it takes place. You may expect these things to happen to you on your birthday.

1. Waking up to countless messages on your phone. Congratulations through Facebook, WhatsApp messages and maybe even a text from grandma.

2. Getting treated to a fabulous lunch.

3. And you shouldn't feel bad about having a drink or two in the meantime.

4. You don't have to pay for anything, since it's your birthday. Even the taxi driver shouldn't be expecting you to pay for the ride home!

5. Also, calories are meaningless on your birthday.

6. So if your birthday cake is delicious, you feel free to take a few more slices.

7. You don't have to put up with anyone's drama. Therefore, that one teacher who's always nagging you doesn't get your attention at all today.

8. A surprise party would be really nice. *wink, wink*

9. You get a lot of money from everyone, so you can finally get that one pair of shoes you've always wanted.

10. As a bonus, that one boy you kinda like lets you know he likes you too.

11. He will take you out to dinner.

12. And he will give you flowers and chocolates.

13. And the staff will sing to you, while you receive a delicious (AND FREE!) cheesecake.

14. Afterwards he will take you home..

15. And you'll receive a little more than a relaxing back massage.

16. You will live happily ever after.

17. And then you realize things can only get better.

18. And the truth is, it WILL only get better!

19. Are you still daydreaming?

20. Wake up, you'll miss your birthday!

21. Go and enjoy your birthday!

Do you also have expectations for your birthday?