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20 Questions To Answer Before You Marry

Are you ready to tie the knot with the man of your dreams? If so, it shouldn't be much of a problem to answer these 20 questions.

1. Do you take 'in sickness and health' seriously?

2. Do you accept each other for who you really are?

3. Who exactly is he as a person?

4. Do you feel happy in this relationship?

5. Or do you feel a bit caught / trapped?

6. What could you do improve your relationship?

7. And is your relationship well-balanced?

8. Are you guys able to have fun together?

9. And can you also have fun when you're separate?

10. Ask yourself just why you're in this relationship

11. And where you see yourselves in ten years

12. Do you really trust your partner?

13. Are you with a good person?

14. And do you feel really attracted to him?

15. Are you a parent or a partner in your relationship?

16. And is he always there for you?

17. Do you share the same ideas?

18. Are you growing together?

19. Are you still yourself, despite being in a relationship?

What does your heart say?

Are you ready to get married or do you secretly still have doubts?