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10 Problems Of People With A Small Bladder

We all know how annoying it is when you have to go pee and you simply can't because there's no toilet around. Some people have a bigger problem: they have such a small bladder that they have to go much more frequently than the average person. Here are a few (dis)advantages of having a small bladder.

1. You  can't sleep through the night, because you have to pee every fifteen minutes.

2. You have become creative in finding the right places to go pee.

3. While listening to someone's joke, you're probably already on your way to the toilet.

4. Going for a run is usually interrupted by a toilet break.

5. During a night out you find yourself waiting in line to get to the toilet.

6. It's torture to be close to running water.

7. Sometimes you think you're not spending much time away from the toilet at all.

8. You often have the tendency to excuse yourself to others.

9. While watching a movie you'll usually take five bathroom breaks.

. And it takes a lot of time and stress.

What do you think the most annoying thing about having a small bladder?