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10 Moments When Your Best Friend Is A Better Partner Than Your Boyfriend

Boys are fun and can make us very happy. Yet they do not always know what we need. Your best friend knows better sometimes, of course! Your best friend may even be a better partner than your boyfriend at some point!

When you need help with making an important decision about your career

If you have interest in a new job that requires you to move to the other side of the country or even across the border, then you can ask your best friend for advice. She will miss you, but she'll give you her honest opinion.

When you want to go out

Your boyfriend will be there on those romantic evenings but if you want a night out, you might just want to give your best friend a call. Together you guys can go crazy and a little flirting might be exactly what you need. With a boyfriend nearby doing so will only get you in trouble.

When you need relationship advice

Of course you can not ask your boyfriend as he is the person with whom you have a relationship. Your best friend will come to the rescue. She knows you like nobody else and probably knows your boyfriend too. Simply ask for her opinion, you know she will come up with a solution!

When you need advice about sex

Here we go again: you can not ask your boyfriend. Of course you can discuss what he likes with him and vice versa. But real advice will come from your best friend. Maybe she knows some exciting tricks you guys have never tried before, which will make your sex-life more exciting!

When you want to pamper yourself

A trip to the sauna with your best friend or a sleepover with beauty masks, watching girly movies while having popcorn are often the best therapy.

When you want to try something new

Your boyfriend might be very adventurous, but some things are not for him. So you can go skydiving with your BFF, maybe because your boyfriend is afraid of heights. And there are many more new things you can try with your BFF rather than your boyfriend.

When you are ill or have a hangover

If you are sick, it is very sweet that your boyfriend wants to take care of you. But when you're ill, you sometimes get a little grumpy or you simply don't feel pretty, so you might just not feel so very comfortable around him. Then it is up to your BFF to ensure that you are feeling as well as possible. And that means watching a movie together, drink plenty of water while falling asleep a few times in the meantime.

When you need help with choosing an outfit 

Your boyfriend will be all nice to you and compliment you on whatever you decide to wear, your best friend says what's on her mind by giving you her very honest opinion. You do need to hear that your outfit doesn't look very flattering sometimes so you won't embarrass yourself by wearing it!

When you have a fight with your parents

Every boyfriend knows not to say too many bad things about his girlfriend's parents. Your best friend on the other hand, will tell you when your parents act bitchy. And you forgive her because you know she's right, since you guys have been knowing each other since childhood and therefore she also knows your parents very well.

When you are menstruating

It's cute that he tries to understand that you're feeling a little under the weather, but he'll never really get it. Sometimes you just need someone who really knows what it is like to menstruate.

When is your best friend a better partner for you than your boyfriend?