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8 Signs That He'll Never Stop Loving You

Unconditional love has become a rare phenomenon. Yet it is real and the chance that will never stop your friend love you really there. Let's see if this is the case.

You are like two peas in a pod

Because he will make you happy every day. He is listening to your stories, he cooks for you and massages your neck when you need it most.

He wants to spend time with you

He wants to be with you all the time. No, not just once or twice a week. He'd be with you day in, day out, if it was possible.

 It's not all about sex

Of course he likes to do, but it is not the reason that he's with you. He wants to include many more things with you, traveling the world for example.

He tells you things he never told anyone else

He'll tell you things he has never spoken about to others, including his best friend. That proves that he trusts you with his secrets and he feels a very strong connection with you. If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't feel at ease to open up.

He does not flirt with other girls

There he has no need to, because you're the only girl that is important to him.

He does not mind talking about the future

He wants nothing more than to think about his future with you. Therefore, he'll talk about it with you. You guys might be talking about buying your first house together or even find yourselves thinking of baby names for your future children.

He brags about you

He wants everyone to know about you so he talks about you to his mother, friends, and even to his colleagues. They also all have a very nice picture of you as your boyfriend is so in love with you he can't think of anything negative to say about you anyway.

He thinks your opinion is important

When he goes shopping or when he has an important to make, he asks you for advice. Not necessarily because you always know best, but because he believes it is important to hear what you think about it so he can take into consideration how it will influence you before he decides. Sweet, right?

Do you think your boyfriend will never stop loving you?