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20 Signs That You're Not Ready To Let Your Ex Go

You probably know that horrible feeling when a relationship ends and you feel like you're not sure if you're ready to move on just yet. Here are some signs that will tell you you're not ready to let go.

1. You still want him in your life

2. You hope you will be together again

3. All the movies you watch remind you of him

4. You are jealous of other couples

5. You compare him to other guys

6. He is now dating someone else, but you still imagine yourself being his girl

7. You are still stalking him on social media

8. You get emotional when you come across things that make you think of him

9. He is still - always - on your mind

10. He's the first to know when something happens in your life

11. And it's important to you to know what he thinks of you

12. You're not at all concerned with finding someone new

13. You miss his company

14. You still
drive past his house on a daily basis

15. You wonder if you'll ever be as happy as when you guys were together

16. You often find yourself crying when you think of him

17. And you still have no clear answer to why you guys split up

18. Therefore you analyze your breakup countless times and you go a little crazy when you do so

19. Your friends are a little tired of you because you're still talking about him every day

20. But when he smiles at you, you feel like you're on top of the world again