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15 Signs You're Addicted To Your Phone

You can do so much with your phone these days that calling and texting has now become outdated. All those apps and features that a smartphone has today, make our lives a lot easier. But watch out, because you can get really addicted to your phone...

1. When you wake up you immediately grab your phone.

2. Before you go to sleep you check your phone one final time.

3. You sleep with your phone next to your head. No, it's not on your nightstand but on the pillow right next to you.

4. You start the day by checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

5. You never have enough memory on your phone because you hoard photos and screenshots.

6. When your battery hits 20% you start to panic, when it's down to 10%, you completely lose it.

7. You take your phone with you to the bathroom or even when you take a shower.

8. Sometimes you're convinced that your phone is going off, even if it really isn't the case.

9. You use your phone as an excuse when you are in an awkward situation. When things get uncomfortable, you pretend to be texting someone.

10. You check your phone, even if you know you've had no notifications.

11. You do not mind to arrive at school or work early, because that means you'll be able to check your phone before you start doing what you have to do.

12. You like to wait at the traffic lights so you have the chance to quickly check your phone.

13. You feel great when you unlock your phone, you can't really explain it.

14. You constantly have your phone in your hands, as if it was glued to you!

15. You freak out if you can not find your phone even if it only takes five seconds to find it.

Do you dare to admit that you are addicted to your phone, or are you not addicted to it?