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15 Advantages Of A Long-Term Relationship

Are your friends still dating and they have always talking about how nice dating is? You do not really feel bad about it as nothing beats a fine, long-term relationship. And these are there are the advantages of it a long-term relationship.

1. You always have someone to cuddle with in bed

2. There is always someone you can ask for advice

3. He looks at you like no one else does

4. You can always be yourself around him

5. Although he does not always listen, you can always tell him everything

6. You do not have to worry about who to go on holiday with this year

7. That exciting moment when you have to meet his family you guys already know each other so well

8. You have a good excuse to celebrate the holidays twice a year as you can celebrate it with his family and your own

9. You do not have to wake up next to a stranger because you were drunk the night before

10. He knows you better than anyone else and therefore knows exactly what you need when you are sad

11. If you do not see each other for a week it does not necessarily mean that you are no longer interested in each other

12. You can meet up with your own friends / girlfriends and still go home together at the end of the evening

13. You already know exactly how to seduce him

14. Awkward silences do not occur between you guys as there's always something you can talk about

15. You're already pretty sure of what your future will be like, because you know he'll be in it

Have you been in a relationship for a while? And what do you think are the greatest benefits?