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10 Reasons Why Owning A Cat Is Awesome

Are you a real catlover or are you not sure if a cat is the right pet for you? I am about to take away all your doubts, because cats are just super nice!

1. Cats are quiet animals
Not when they are young, of course, because kittens are just awfully playful. But when they are older, they get a calmer character and they will hardly bother you.

2. Cats do not bark
She may meow sometimes, but she will not give you a headache because she won't produce loud noises.

3. You don't have to walk them
Do we need to say more?

4. Cats like to sleep
And thus they are soothing to watch. Although this may occasionally be very enviable...

5. Cats like to be petted
So we can also cuddle with them. If you do not have a boyfriend, then you will certainly be happy with a cat!

6. Cats are adorable
Have you ever - purely out of boredom - looked at pictures of cats found on the internet? Admit it, as it is awfully understandable. Especially kittens are sooo cute!

7. Cats listen to you
Bcause they are so quiet, they give you the feeling that they listen to you.

8. Cats are grateful
Many cats begin to purr when you have petted them just for a few seconds. They like to let you know they enjoy it.

9. Cats accompany you in bed
Here we go again: you do not have a boyfriend and you don't like to be alone at night? Who needs a man when your cat likes to lay beside you?

10. Cats lead by example
Sometimes they make us jealous when they have been sleeping and relaxing all day, but they will remind you of the fact that you need to rest too. When you've had a super busy week, it's time to cuddle up next to your best friend and just unwind for a while.

Do you have cats or are you finally getting one after reading this article?