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10 Questions To Ask On Your First Date

If you don't want to waste too much time figuring out if your date is worth your time or not, you should spend at least some time of your first date asking questions about their life, getting to know them better. Here are a few examples of what questions you should ask.

1. What are your goals / ambitions?

It is important to know how the other party thinks about their future. If they have no goals or aspirations, it'll bring you down, especially if you have your mind set on a successful future. In addition, people with no goals in life are often dull, uninspired people.

2. What was the last book / article that you read?

People who never read tend to be less intelligent and therefore less attractive. Maybe they can not immediately remember what they have read most recently, but if they can tell you that they never read anything at all, that pretty much gives you enough information to work with, right?

3. What kind of music do you like?

The music that people listen to says a lot about the kind of person they are. Many people find all kinds of music fun, but what if they just love hardcore and you absolutely hate it?

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

By asking this question, you can find out if he/she is creative, adventurous or just super boring. Let's see what he/she will say!

5. What are your hobbies / interests?

You do not want to date someone who is boring. If he/she has no hobbies and they spend their spare time watching TV or playing games, you know that this person won't be able to challenge you in any way.

6. Do you have any hidden talents?

People naturally like to talk about themselves. By asking whether he/she has hidden talents and identify what they are, you can learn a lot about him/her. Are they a little shy or will they boast about their talents? You'll find out shortly.

7. Is family important to you?

Whether you find now or not, it is an important question to ask when you guys just start dating. He might have argued with all his family members and maybe it's because he likes to be alone. Then you know that your relationship won't be very successful. Or maybe he's just another mother's boy and he goes to see his mom every day. Not very ideal, in most cases.

8. Do you have pets?

Loving and caring people often have a dog or cat which they absolutely love. If he/she is against pets, it could be a sign that she/he does not open up his/her heart to others easily. Therefore, you must ask this question!

9. Who is closest to you?

Of course you hope he/she will answer this question with "my best friend" or "my family" and not with that evil ex! In addition, it shows that he/she is able to build deep relationships with the people around him/her.

10. What is your best feature?

Make sure that it does not seem like it's a job interview, but don't feel afraid to ask questions that might even seem a little odd to you. If you want to know something, don't feel held back
. It's a good way to start a deep conversation and you guys will get to know each other through talking,

What questions do you ask on your first date?