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9 Things Only Chocolate Freaks Will Recognize

Chocolate is addictive. Many will agree on this!

1. Chocolate solves all your problems

Whether you're stressed out because you have an important test tomorrow or when you're sad because your friend has moved away, chocolate seem all the problems. It also seems that you feel better after having some chocolate. So you can easily have two or three bars while cheering yourself up! It works like a charm.

2. Milk or dark choclate? It is a question that can ruin your friendship!

If your BFF loves milk chocolate more than she loves dark chocolate, this can cause some friction. When you visit her, she never has dark chocolate in the house. In your mind, you have already figured out a few ways to make her hate milk chocolate.

3. Sharing is not an option

Your addiction makes you super snarky! You don't feel like sharing your chocolate bar so when you see someone heading your way you quickly hide it from them.

4. No matter how much you ate, there's always room for chocolate!

You've just eaten dinner and you don't feel like having more. Still, a bag of M&M's looks very appetizing to you. Before you even know what the hell you're doing, you've finished the entire bag!

5. Someone who doesn't like chocolate.. how is that even possible?

You can not understand how someone can dislike chocolate. How can you not love chocolate? You find yourself trying to convince them to have some chocolate by telling them that it's actually very tasty and also healthy! Maybe he just hasn't found the right chocolate for him yet.

6. You always have a supply of chocolate at home

It is a disaster if you have to make it through the day without chocolate and the shops are closed. Because you do not want to end up in that situation, you stock up frequently. Your stock is so big that you almost feel ashamed about it!

7. White chocolate is fake!

White chocolate is dirty and lacks taste. Cocoa is not white, right? How can a bar of chocolate be white then? Get rid of that junk!

8. When your friends leave, chocolate is your BFF. 

Sometimes your friends want to do something without you, or even worse, your friendship comes to an end. However, chocolate is always there for you. Chocolate never says no to you, and will always be entertaining you while you watch a movie!

9. Willy Wonka is your idol

As a child you dreamed of a pool full of chocolate. After seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you were convinced that you will swim in such a pool someday!

Are you addicted to chocolate?