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7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Makes You Feel At Ease

1. You do not have to check your messages every six seconds

At the beginning of your relationship it's good to do your best to reply quickly and as well as you can because you want to make a good impression. Once you really start to feel at ease, you don't have to make a big fuss about it anymore. Since you can just be yourself, without fearing that he does not like you anymore. You text what comes to mind, even if it's a crazy thought or statement. And the great thing is that he can appreciate that, simply because he is crazy about you!

2. You order what you crave

Say bye bye to those modest salads, because when you know you feel comfortable eating with your boyfriend, you can order whatever you feel like having. That huge burger or a plate full of junk food isn't a problem anymore. Sometimes, you even find yourself ordering more than he does!

3. A makeup-free face isn't problem

If you think back on your first date and how long you stared at yourself in front of the mirror perfecting your look, you giggle. Nowadays, you don't spend so much time on your looks anymore. You know that he loves you anyway.

4. You show him photos of your past

Regardless of how ridiculous and shameful they may be. The first time he came to your house, you were afraid that your mother would show the album that has all the terrible baby pictures. Now, you're the one showing him your embarrassing photos.

5. You leave things at his place 

You know you'll be back with him in a few days and will sleep over at his place, so why do you keep carrying your stuff from his place to yours? There's no need to do so, and you know it. Therefore, there's a place in his closet and cabinets for some of your belongings.

6. You're not ashamed when you cry

You don't feel afraid or ashamed of crying around him. He has already seen you without makeup, so he can also accept you when your eyes are red and your mascara is running. However, he does try his best to put a smile on your face whenever you are upset.

7. You're not always trying to impress him

This is quite different from the beginning of your relationship as well, because back then, you had to do your best to win him over. Now he's yours, you know that you do not have to impress him. Therefore, you can enjoy his company, without having to wear your most sexy dress and spending six hours perfecting your make-up. Of course you have to keep doing your best for him, but now there's more room to relax and feel at ease about showing your true self.

Do you recognize these signs when you feel at ease with your boyfriend?