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7 Natural Ways To Feel Energized Without Caffeine

In the morning a cup of coffee (or three) seems to be the easiest way to get energy. However, caffeine is not very good for you ...

1. Go to bed on time

This is obviously the best way to get more energy! Try to go to bed a little earlier. The next day you will not feel immediately recharged, but after a few days you will notice that you wake up feeling a lot more rested.

2. Morning exercise 

It does not sound ideal, because you will have to move. Still, it works in your favor if you do exercise in the morning before you do anything else.

3. Lower the temperature

Probably you have already noticed that when you're in a warm room, you feel a bit lazy at the end of the afternoon. If you need more energy, it is a good thing to lower the temperature. This way you are more alert, so you're feeling energetic.

4. Drink enough water

Do not make a habit to drink juice, soft drinks, coffee or tea throughout the day as these drinks contain sweeteners and caffeine and it'll dehydrate you. It is best to drink two liters of water a day. So grab a glass of cola when you're thirsty instead of a can of coke.

5. Don't skip breakfast

If you are in a hurry, it is tempting to just skip breakfast. Still, breakfast is an essential when it comes to getting energy. It does not be a heavy breakfast, every little bit helps your body started in the morning. Also bring some healthy snacks with you to maintain your blood sugar throughout the day, so you can regulate your energy level a bit.

6. Do not eat too much at lunchtime

You probably recognize the foodcoma after a meal. This is also the reason that you should not go overboard with your lunch. To stay productive throughout the day, it's better to choose a light, healthy lunch and have a snack later to get a little boost!

7. Take a nap

There is nothing wrong with a power nap if you've had a bad night. Get a twenty minute nap, it'll give your body enough time to re-energize. Remember, naps are not
supposed to take up your entire day!

What do you do to re-energize?