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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going On A Tinder Date

Tinder is a fun way to pass time and it is widely used to help with speed dating. When you've scored a date, there are quite a number of things you must think about before going on a date, however.

1. What do you expect from the date?

Start by thinking about what you want to get out of this date. There's no way to avoid disappointment if it's bound to happen, but you may as well pick out a different outfit! Anyway, long story short; expectations set you up for disappointment, so don't expect much from your date.

2. How many drinks do I need to find him interesting without getting too drunk?

His photographs on Tinder are super sexy, but you will find him rather boring when he tells stories. You know you're probably going to need some alcohol to make this date a little more entertaining. Only you know your limits. You still want to be able to think straight, of course, because you do not know him and you might not know what he is capable of!

3. Should I quote suspect photo he posted on his profile?

On his profile saw you a picture where he was posing rather intimately with a girl. If you want to know who she is, try to ask him about it. For example: "In fact, I saw a familiar face on your profile. I think I've seen her once at a birthday party"

4. What if they turns out to be completely insane?

Always have an escape plan when you are going to meet someone you've never met before. Let your best friend know where you are going and at what time. If necessary, give your friend their phone number and send your friend a few pictures of them. Let's hope he really is the person in those pictures. Also, prepare an excuse to get out of the date, and make sure your friend is ready to help you out when necessary.

5. Do you even want to go on a date?

If you already have a bad feeling about your Tinder date, don't go! When they sent you a few vague messages, take it as a warning!

What do you keep in mind when meeting someone you have only spoken to online?