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35 Thoughts You Have When Your Phone Is Broken

Are you one of those unfortunate, clumsy people that drop their phone often? The only thing we can do to cheer you up is telling you that you are not alone. Many people break their phones and here's what runs through their mind when they do.

1. I hate everything!

2. My mother will murder me.

3. ... brutally.

4. And you know what? I deserve it too!

5. How could this happen now?

6. For the millionth time..

7. This time it was not my fault!

8. And Jenny has already broken six phones in the meantime, so ...

9. I just buy a new one, no problem.

10. I do still have to pay for a few other things.

11. And I don't have too much cash in my account right now.

12. So that's only about € 200, - which I lost because of my own clumsiness ...

13. And it does not hurt, though.

14. If I can't even take care of my phone, how will I ever take care of anything else?

15. I'm going a terrible parent, someday ...

16. How can this happen again and again?

17. I need answers, grr!

18. The fate of my future phone depends on who answers.

19. Sorry, 'phones' ...

20. What is the meaning of life?

21. Of all actually ...

22. And is that screen made of glass?

23. Who has invented hell?

24. Can someone just make non-breakable phones? Thank you.

25. If we are able to send a man to the moon, then a non-breakable phone surely isn't too much to ask for?

26. Do I really need a phone?

27. I'm going to end my subscription now!

28. And I will, from now on, appreciate life for all it has to offer, I don't need a phone.

29. But I do really like Instagram ...

30. And how am I able to stay up to date at all if I don't have a phone?

31. Not really possible, no ...

32. Okay, I will take very good care of my next phone.

33. As if that is true.

34. I will protect the phone as if it were the crown jewels of my kingdom!

35. Well, who am I actually kidding now? ...

Are you someone who often breaks their phone? And you recognize these thoughts?