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25 Things That Are Better When You're Single

Do you ever find yourself thinking that having a boyfriend is everything and it will make your life perfect? No, being single can sometimes be much more enjoyable.

1. You can be shameless flirt

2. You can infinitely eat pizza

3. You can spend a lot of time by yourself doing nothing

4. You can buy anything you want without anyone saying it is not a wise decision

5. You have the whole bed to yourself

6. You can take as many puppies in the house as you want

7. And have as many cheeseburgers food as you can

8. In addition, you don't have to share your food with anyone

9. And you can walk around all day wearing your sweatpants when at home

10. You can get drunk whenever you want

11. And eat ice cream without feeling guilty

12. Taylor Swift can blow out of your speakers all day

13. And every day can be a pajama-day if you want

14. You can even delve into the world of sex toys

15. And binge-watch movies featuring Ryan Gosling

16. You can go to Disney three times a year (if your wallet that allows it)

17. And you can spend all your free time with your friends

18. If you don't like puppies, you can still go for a house full of cats

19. And Netflix is ​​your best friend

20. But the best: you do not have to shave your legs when the sun is not shining

What do you think is the best about being single?