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21 Signs You're A Power Woman

Are you in control most of the time, are you business minded or do you feel like ruling the world might be your calling? Then chances are that you are a real power woman.

1. Your parents do not often feel the need to ask you if everything goes well. They already know you are handling business, and you're doing it well.

2. During the weekdays, you're not often tired as you have more important things to do, like ruling the world!

3. Sleep is important to you, especially your beauty sleep.

4. Other people often ask you for advice.

5. You can amuse yourself, since you do not necessarily need other people for. A Friday night to spend on your own you will find more fine than lonely.

6. The inbox of your email account is every organized.

7. You do not have 1,000 membership cards from shops or organizations.

8. You do not constantly heat up meals and the deliveryman isn't at your door every day.

9. You can also prepare meals and you're sure that as long as you're the one cooking, you can expect a healthy and well balanced meal to show up on your plate.

10. Your bedding is
of good quality.

11. You occasionally take the time to pamper yourself, because you know that's important.

12. You don't ''need'' a partner. In fact, you're doing very well on your own.

13. You're always there for the people around you

14. You always have a goal in mind; you continue to strive for bigger and better things.

15. Others know not to fool around with you.

16. You do not just say what people want to hear. You're not afraid of telling them what's up.

17. You are not afraid to make eye contact with people.

18. You have a firm handshake and not a limp, sweaty hand which makes people look down on you before they even know you.

19. Men are sometimes afraid of you because you are such a strong person.

20. You are sometimes described as an "intense'' woman.

21. The last guy who cheated on you is no longer around.

What do you think, are you a power woman?