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20 Signs That You Have Found Your Soulmate

Are you totally in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are you thinking about buying a house, having children and growing old together? Then there is a chance that you have found your soul mate. To find out if that is really the case, you just have to continue reading..

1. When you look at each other you can often read each other's minds

2. You can not even imagine what life would be like without him/her (and you do not want to!)

3. He/she still challenges you from time to time

4. He/she knows exactly what he has to do to calm you down or cheer you up

5. But he/she also knows how to get on your nerves

6. Although you have already known each other for years, there is still chemistry between you two

7. You will feel completely at ease when you're around him/her

8. If you do not see each other for a while, you're always eager to catch up

9. It feels like you have always known each other

10. While you do disagree sometimes, you always agree on things that really matter

11. You have a bond that others can not understand

12. His/her family feels like yours

13. You are happy with him/her and don't feel the need to look for anyone ''better''

14. If he/she is sad, you're sad too

15. But you also share each other's happiness

16. He/she is a part of almost all your memories

17. You're a better person with him/her in the picture

18. You are a dynamic duo, a real team

19. You feel safe with him/her and your relationship

20. You realize that home is not a place but a person

Have you found your true soul mate?