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18 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Turn 18

Your 18th birthday, the day you have been waiting for so long. Now you can finally do anything you want! However, here are a few things you should probably avoid doing!

1. Have 18 shots
Even though this idea sounds great, it ends with you puking. That's not really how you want to spend your birthday, right?

2. Don't mix your drinks
When it's your birthday, you surely want to enjoy it as long as possible. So choose one drink for the whole evening and stick to it. That way it's easier for your body to make it through the night.

3. Do not forget to eat
Have a meal or get some snacks every now and then. Alcohol does not mix well with an empty stomach.

4. Do not wear new shoes
How beautiful these pumps also have you bought this afternoon, you will not hurt your feet.So just go for your trusty switchers, your feet will thank you. Moreover, you also do not want them to get dirty in the pub!

5. Go with a group of people who are all over 18
It may be silly, but on your birthday you do not want to end up trying to enter a club you wanted to visit for years and not be able to enter because one of your friends is not yet 18.

6. Discuss how you guys are going home tonight
You're not going to bring anyone home as you're certainly not going to stay sober, but make sure you guys know who's going to bring everyone home.

7. Do not drink alcohol at all before hitting the club
Otherwise, you may not even get in later!

8. Do not forget to take pictures
You may think that you will remember this night forever, but sooner or later you will not remember all the precious  details.

9. Try not to text your ex
Tonight is about you and you shouldn't be interested in starting drama tonight.

10. Try anyway to keep boys out of the event
Combine boys with liquor and a group of girls and drama is the only outcome. Of course, you don't feel like having this happening to you on your birthday. To avoid this and make it a girls only event.

11. Do not be ashamed about your birthday
You can go crazy and all your sins are forgiven, really! Shame you will not be the next morning and enjoy tasty after the nice evening.

12. Don't go to work the day after 
You will have to have a nice night out and getting up early the day after simply won't work for you. Take the day off and relax after your birthday.

13. Do not decline snacks on your birthday
You won't gain weight if you indulge just once. Eat whatever you want, you only turn 18 once!

14. Do not forget to invite your BFF
Even if you got into an argument just this week. Later you regret that she was a part of your big night.

15. Do not waste your time with semi-friends
Only go with a group of real friends, that way you are sure that everyone wants you to have the best night of your life.

16. Do not forget to dance
Yes, even if you find dancing a little uncomfortable! It's part of celebrating your birthday and as you continue you'll find it a lot more fun very soon!

17. Do not visit a new city
If you do so, you're just wasting too much time on searching and finding the right club to celebrate your birthday.

18. Make sure to call your parents
They would also like to sing happy birthday to you!

What are your plans for your 18th birthday?