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13 Lame Excuses Not To Work-Out

The weather
It is either too cold or too hot. Both excuses are okay to use sometimes but not when going the gym. It's too cold, so you do not want to leave the house. Too hot, so you're sweating enough already. Why would you endure even more heat?

Muscle pain
Your muscles are already sore, so why would you make yourself suffer even more? You've heard that working out while your muscles are already hurting is bad for you. You don't even know if it's true, but it sometimes seems like a nice excuse not to work out. 

Today I have not consumed too much sugar and I avoided fat foods. So I do not need to burn those extra calories, right? (The croissant in the morning we will forget about for the sake of convenience.)

Dirty laundry
All your sportswear is in the laundry? Hey, what a pity. A very lame excuse, because if you really wanted to exercise, you would have bought enough extra sportswear!

You've just washed your hair and it seems to be a good hair day after all. If you exercise now, you're going to be all sweaty and your hair will be a mess. Oh, just put it in a pony tail, will you? 

Your favorite series is about to start and you can not possibly wait to watch it. Remember, nowadays you can watch Netflix on your tablet or smartphone. You could even do so while on the treadmill! It makes it a lot more fun to work out. 

Another shower
This morning you had a shower, and if you're going to exercise, you'll need to shower again. That's bad for your skin. FALSE! You will not die of showering twice a day. 

Too tired
Exercise provides extra energy. So there is absolutely no reason to stay in when you're tired. People who exercise are less tired than those who do not exercise.

So, you'll start tomorrow? Yeah right. Procrastination. Tomorrow you will think of new excuses. So go now. Don't wait another minute!

Busy schedule
You're too busy? You have too much planned this week? Too bad, you know in advance that you wanted to work out and you had a purpose to do so. You should also include exercising when you're scheduling.  

So brushing your teeth, washing your hair and ironing will be canceled from now on because it is boring or not fun? In life you have to do the necessary things too. You can not achieve anything by doing nothing but the fun things. Make sure it does not get boring. Go with friends, put some nice music on your iPod or watch a movie! Gyms today are equipped with the most technical innovations.

Who says you have to go to the most expensive gym? Do you have a bike? Then it'll cost nothing to exercise. Riding your bike every day is considered to be exercise. Oh, and what about your legs? Walking or running won't cost you a dime either. 

You're scared of being compared to those who have being training for ages? You still want to work out for a reason, so why would you be ashamed? Just go out and make the most of your exercise! 

Do you also come up with excuses to stay indoors being lazy?