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9 Things That Prove You're Still A Kid At Heart

We all age, but maturity isn't a number.

Disney movies
Whether you're alone or watching with kids, Disney Movies make us happy at any age!

Candy addict
Even as we enter adulthood, candy is very satisfying, right?

Afternoon nap
Oh yeah, the older you get, the more you need that short afternoon nap. When you were younger, taking a nap was the last thing on your mind. However, time has changed your thoughts on it.

You stay up late
Previously you did everything possible to stay up as late as possible. Now, it's easy, because you're simply too occupied to sleep. Instagram and Facebook are calling you!

Licking spoons
While baking, you simply can't resist to lick the cake batter off of a spoon, right?

It's good to get spoiled
You always grandpa's little girl. Chances are that you will be just as spoiled by grandparents as ever.

Big dreams
You might not want to be a Disney princess anymore, but you still cherish big dreams. But then again, what is life without dreams?

Birthday parties
We might not admit it right away, but we still enjoy presents and cake as much as we did before.

We can not help it, but we still manage to get a crush every now and then. Often we are just as shy as before. Love remains exciting!