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9 Struggles Of An Overthinker

Don't think, just do it!

Leaving the house
Before leaving the house, you check yourself three times and you also check if you've turned all devices off and haven't left your phone on the table. Rushing out of the door is a nightmare for you.

Do not be so busy!
Everything makes you worry, even the simplest things. You even worry about what happens in other people's lives sometimes, which isn't much of your business anyway.

Picking out clothes
You can spend an entire day picking out an outfit and feel unsatisfied when you've finally picked out something to find yourself wearing what you didn't want to wear at first.

You set the bar very high for yourself. You like to leave a good impression and take care of every detail. But even when you've managed to prepare everything, you still wonder if it's good enough.

The worst case scenario
Since WhatsApp introduced the blue checkmarks, you're feeling more satisfied! Now you can see exactly when someone has read your message. When the blue checkmark appears but there's no reply yet, you know what's going on.. right? They're ignoring you!

Lying in bed
It rarely happens that you go to bed and manage to sleep right away as your mind works overtime to process what's been happening during the day or what will happen tomorrow. You spend your nights thinking through scenarios that probably will never happen anyway.

Some people think of you as a pessimist as you're always imagining what might go wrong as you might even find yourself dwelling on it sometimes.

Inside the box
Thinking outside the box can be very difficult for an overthinker. You definitely need others to push you to make a decision when it comes to partaking in things that are unfamiliar to you.

Taking important decisions 
You really need to take your time to take important decisions as you have to think everything through thoroughly before diving in and going for it