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9 Signs That You're Wasting Your Time With Him

Love can be awesome, but also awful. Sometimes you have the feeling that everything is getting a little overwhelming. Are you not sure if he is the right person for you? These signs will tell you he's just a waste of time.

He hasn't asked you out yet
This is one of the first signs that you're wasting your time. If you've only met him a few days ago and haven't talked with him for a minute, you need to just give it some time. However, if you guys have been talking for a long time and know each other for some time now, it's not a good sign that he has not asked you out yet!

You found out that he still talks with his ex
Of course it's normal to be on good terms with your ex. Some people split up and become friends. However, if he does more with his ex than he does with you, buys gifts for her and spends his free time with her, you have to think things through and wonder if he's really over her. Again, this is not a good sign, because you deserve someone who is only focused on you!

You do not feel wanted by him and can not be yourself around him
Every time you show who you really are, he seems to be disinterested. You want a good conversation with him, joke and laugh with him, but he does not seem to get it. He gives you the feeling that he does not want to have you around and therefore, you don't feel comfortable around him. Not a good sign! A boy is supposed to make you feel loved and wanted. You should always be yourself around him!

You do not trust him
Trust is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. If you are constantly jealous and feel that you cannot trust him, there is definitely something wrong! He fails to make you feel like you're the only one for him and therefore it doesn't go well for you guys. This is a sign that you're wasting your time with him.

You do not know much about him
If your relationship is only about sex or if you talk about yourself while he does not seem to listen to you, there is something wrong. Think about how much you really know about your crush? You may find that you actually know nothing about each other, nothing personal. This is also a bad sign!

You do not feel that you are a priority to him
A perfect relationship doesn't exsist, but your boyfriend should make you feel like he'd do anything for you. He should make every effort to make you feel loved and at ease. If this is not the case and you do not feel that you are important to him, your definitely wasting your time with him!

You're always taking the first step
Are you always the one who asks him to the movies? Are you always the one who starts a conversation on WhatsApp? That's a bad sign too. It takes two to form a relationship, so you both should take the initiative every once in a while!