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8 Signs That You Are Just Friends

You've probably wondered what kind of a relationship you have with someone. Are you just friends or is there something more romantic going on? From now on you will know whether there is more between you and him, or not.

1. He talks to you about the girls he dates

And you will not mind talking about them at all. In fact, you give him advice on how to date and you want him to let you know how it went afterwards.

2. You have no physical contact

Unless it's in a friendly way, like getting a punch against your shoulder when you consider nagging him again. You guys hardly ever hug and there's certainly no more physical contact than that.

3. Therefore, you can continue watching the entire film without kissing

You do not touch each other, so it's clear that you guys don't kiss each other. One advantage of that is that you'll be able to tell how the movie ended, as he won't try to jump on top of you anyway.

4. You're yourself when he visits

Because it does not matter if he sees you without makeup. So you had a party last night? You'll let him in even if there's still mascara somewhere on your cheeks and you're wearing old pajamas. Who cares?

5. He asks you for advice

How can he seduce his crush? And what does that girl mean with her vague text message? Because you're a girl, you must know what to do, and that's why you're the first person he calls when he has to deal with girl problems.

6. You are trying to get him to date girls

You know him very well, so you know what girls would be perfect for him. You see someone who meets the requirements so you immediately tell him about it. Jealousy? There's no time for that. You simply want nothing but the best for him.

7. He sometimes takes friends along as he meets up with you

And that's not bad. In fact, it's even more fun when you guys meet up, because you're just as crazy about his friends as he is himself!

8. Your slumber parties are fun

And absolutely nothing happens between you. The only times you each other is to try out a new lipstick or eye shadow (on him or on yourself) and that leads to the most hilarious moments!

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you will now have the answer to your question: are you guys really just friends?