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7 Ways To Get Through Watching A Horror Movie

Remember that it's just a movie
Even if it's very scary, remember it's just a movie. It's not real. The scary things happening in the movie won't happen in real life anytime soon! Remember this as you watch the film, making it a lot less scary!

Don't watch the movie alone
If you're afraid of scary movies, you should NEVER watch them on your own! When you watch it with a few friends, it'll be a lot less scary right away. You'll be screaming and laughing at yourselves together.

Make sure you are comfortable and have everything at hand
Make sure you make yourself as comfortable as possible. Keep your phone at hand, grab some pillows and a blanket to hide yourself when necessary. Also make sure you have your remote at hand to turn off the television when it gets too frightening!

Leave the lights on
Turning off the lights when watching a scary movie makes it more scary, because the environment in your home matches perfectly with the environment in the movie. If you leave the lights on, the movie will be a LOT less scary!

Know what it's about before you watch it
Are you convinced by your friends to watch a horror movie? Then it might be smart to look up some information on the movie beforehand. If you do, the scary parts will come as no surprise to you as you already know what's coming. Normally, spoilers will totally ruin a movie, but in this case, it may be a good thing.

Surround yourself with good food
Whether it's popcorn or a bar of chocolate, make sure you have your favorite snacks on hand! So you can distract yourself with delicious things when the movie gets too scary.

Keep a spare film at hand
Always make sure that you have a backup plan for when the horror movie is too scary. This way you can always watch something different. Choose something less scary and totally different, like a romantic or funny movie. So you won't have to be afraid for long!

Are you afraid of scary movies?