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7 Tips To Settle A Fight With Your Best Friend

Fighting is never fun, but if you fight with your best friend, it's a nightmare. Here's how to solve it!

Be calm
If you are angry, don't speak with your friend until you have calmed down. If you want to talk things out immediately, you might make it worse because you're still upset. Go do something else or sleep on it. You'll find out that the conversation will go smoothly the next day!

Talk it out
There is nothing more annoying than feeling uncomfortable around someone after an argument. Therefore, you must take the time to talk things out. Say it like it is, but be reasonable. Listen carefully to your friend and make sure your friend listens well too.

Say sorry
If you both are going to be stubborn and be unapologetic towards each other, it's not going to get better. Make sure you are one step ahead and think about what you did and say sorry for that. You will see that this is going to make it easier to settle your argument.

Listen to each other
Listen to what your friend has to say and speak about your emotions as well. It's never a bad idea to express what you feel, it'll make your friendship much stronger in the end.

Let go
Your friend might need some space after your fight. Instead of being all paranoid about it and stalking them, respect their decision and give them the time they need. It's okay to spend some time alone but don't let it get out of hand either and don't hesitate to reach out to your friend after some time has passed.

Love heals 
Once you have finished talking, you might end up in this uncomfortable situation where awkward silences might occur. Break through the ice by sharing a box of chocolates or giving your friend a big hug.

Figure out what has caused the fight
When the fight is settled, it's time to think about why it went wrong so that you can stop another argument from starting. However, don't linger on the past! It's time to have fun together!