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7 Hassles Every Relationship Knows

Social media
Today everyone is using social media. When you're
in a relationship, it can be quite a tricky thing. You may like to post photos with your boyfriend, but he's not like that. Maybe you have liked a photo of another guy and your boyfriend didn't appreciate it very much. It's often based on jealousy, but basically it's just a sign that you are very fond of each other. Sometimes, it may cause arguments.

This is perhaps the most common cause for a little drama, but a relationship without disagreements is even more scary. Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions. That's quite normal, so you also have to live with it. Chances are that you are never ever going to find someone who shares all your opinions. And, let's just be honest; that wouldn't be nice either, right?

Sometimes an argument that is based on jealousy has a very good reason behind it. If your boyfriend spends time with other girls, then you've got the right to say something about it. To a certain extent, feeling a little jealous is perfectly normal. If you're in love with someone, it is logical that you don't feel like sharing the person you're in love with. Just make sure that you do not let jealousy drive you guys apart!

Plans for the future
You've already figured out names for future children, but he is only interested in partying and puts his fingers in his ears when you talk about the future. If you are planning on staying together you will have really have to figure out what you guys really want! It is a good sign that you're already thinking about the future, because it shows that you want nothing more but to stay with him.

This is a sensitive subject! Your boyfriend does not need to hear how great your exes were, but secretly he's still curious to find out about the stories on your previous relationships. Don't talk too intensely about your exes so there won't be any arguments about whatever happened in the past. It's time to let it rest anyway.

Maybe your boyfriend has a very messy house, maybe he prefers to spend the entire weekend playing games and he may not even know how to fry an egg. His lifestyle can be quite different than yours. But hey, you fell for him, so you're getting all that for free! Either you take it for granted, or you help him to change his lifestyle a bit. At the beginning of your relationship this can cause a few arguments, but you guys will laugh about it later on.

Not all couples share a group of friends. Your boyfriend may be best friends with a guy that you totally can't stand or maybe he hates your BFF. This can sometimes be frustrating in a relationship! However, you guys were friends before the relationship started, so take it or leave it!