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50 Thoughts You Have When You're The 'Other Girl'

Hopefully it will never happen, but today happens quite often. You met a super nice guy and you're already thinking about a future together but then you find out that you're not the only one for him. Secretly he already has a relationship and that makes you
'the other girl' ...

1. How could I ever here kicking?

2. Am I really "the other girl''?

3. Am I too naive?

4. Or am I just stupid?

5. Am I not good enough?

6. Am I not pretty enough for him?

7. Why can't I be the only one?

8. Do I have an STD?

9. OMG, he's such irresponsible ********!

10. Who is she anyway?

11. I hate the girl

12. And of course she hates me too

13. And we're hating the wrong person

14. Anyway, she's still ugly

15. He's only with her because she is so ugly that she won't be able to cheat on him

16. I don't need all this drama in my life

17. I am sooooooo mad!

18. How do I murder him without getting arrested?

19. What did he do on those nights when he told me he went to bed?

20. And the times that he "went out of the city''?

21. How did he dare to do this to me?!

22. Am I worthless?

23. It is time for me to start dating other guys

24. Am I not girlfriend material?

25. Or do I drink too much?

26. Am I too big of a party animal for him?

27. Did I give up too soon?

28. Now I feel like I will forever be "the other girl''

29. So he has never given me anything ...

30. He has no respect for me

31. Do I deserve respect, anyway?

32. What makes her better than me?

33. Will he ever marry the other girl?

34. Am I the perfect ''other girl''?

35. If we had met later, or earlier, this might never have happened ...

36. I have to stop liking those guys

37. I have to stop dating losers...

38. I hate men!

39. And I have a bad taste

40. Now I'm sure I will be alone forever

41. I'll never feel loved again

42. Should I cut all contact right away?

43. Is it okay to be all alone?

44. Can I stop him or should I accept the situation as it is?

45. Maybe I can tolerate it

46. ​​Okay, I'm done. F*ck it!

47. I'm great, fun and fabulous!

48. Maybe there's something wrong with him

49. This boy has problems himself

50. And the only thing he can do is fill the hole in his heart with vajajay's ...

Have you ever been the ''other girl''?