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5 Unwritten Rules for A First Date

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Think of an emergency with your BFF

If your date really seems to be worthless, then it is good to have an emergency solution on hand. Talk to your friends and tell them that if you send him / her a message, they should call you directly with an excuse so you can get out of the situation. This way you can leave the date with a "good" reason. That's what friends are for anyway, right?

Order food without too much onion or garlic

Despite that fact that your favorite meal contains onion and / or garlic, it is an unwritten rule to not order these ingredients on your first date. Especially if you're going to engage in another activity after dinner. It's not going to be sweet if your breath reeks. However, if your date isn't going as planned, it'll surely scare them away.

Avoid romantic movies

Are you going to the movies? Then choose a comedy or adventure film. It is super uncomfortable to watch some kind of love story (with intimate scenes) on a first date.

Do not talk about your ex

You're only interested in dating each other if you're attracted to or at least interested in each other, right? A date is not the right time to talk about your previous relationship. Not positively nor negatively. Nobody wants to hear about it.

Send a message afterwards

If it's obvious that if your date was a flop, no messages are sent afterwards. But the struggle is real: after a successful date both parties will be waiting for a message. If you've had a fun date you should definitely let them know about it. Don't wait for the other person.